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Transformational Mental Health Benefits of a Morning Walk

We always think to ourselves, “I should have paid more attention to my health when I was younger.” But we have to remind ourselves of the relationship between health and age.

Age is used numerically–linearly–to represent the amount of time since we took in our first breath. But there is a disconnect. Our health is based more on how we feel whether we’re 50 years old or 70 years old. There are some days we wake up and feel so old we can’t get up. Then, there are mornings when we jump out of bed feeling like a kid!

Your health and true biological age are determined by your ability to take care of yourself. Trust your intuition and your natural human instincts. Do more of what makes you feel good and less of what doesn’t.

We must remain aware of our ability to nurture our environment, knowing that it nurtures us in return. If you are feeling uncomfortable or not quite right, start with a beautiful morning walk, every morning.

Life is full of ups and downs. Happy times and challenging times. Our culture encourages us to move faster and faster. The paradigm shift towards optimizing our holistic wellness is integral in restoring the resilience and vigor lost in a super-busy, hyper-productive, stressed-out world.

As humans, as with every living organism, we aspire to be resilient and vigorous throughout our life. When we feel that imbalance in personal fulfillment we lose the sense and feeling of what being alive is like. How good it feels. How sweet it smells. How tasty it tastes. How soothing the sound. How spectacular the sight.

Silencing the self-talk in your head will have a huge improvement in the anxiety you feel and the thoughts plaguing you inside.

We need to consciously challenge ourselves to slow down and feel what it feels like to be alive.

Every morning, wake up, drink some fresh water, and go out your front door for a 15-minute adventure. Go out into your world and just observe. With consistency, the benefits of adding this simple element to your morning routine can be profound.

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Sustained Energy

Your morning walk gives you the energy to take on the day. Exploring your world is a natural part of humans’ process of awakening from rest. It activates the nervous system and endocrine system, releasing hormones into the body. Your heart beats faster, fueling the body and mind with oxygen. Perspiration begins to flow. You will start to notice the improved alertness of yourself and your environment.

By moving your body every morning, you have begun the process of going from lethargy to exuberance. The key is that by using energy to exercise, we become more energetic. We all want to feel more energy every day.

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Sustained Clarity

On that stroll through the park to awaken the body, blood flows through your body like the rushing rivers that feed our planet. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor increases and stays elevated throughout the day. After 15 to 20 minutes of walking in nature, research shows you will have a more significant attention span, you can solve more complicated cognitive test problems, and creativity improves by 50 percent. Forest bathing can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and anger. And it can improve sleep, your immune system, cardiovascular health, and more.

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Sustained Mood

Consistency will build momentum and develop that “can-do!” attitude and positive outlook on life, the future, and your role in it.

When you walk every morning you will feel a boost in your willpower, gaining mental clarity, a sharper memory, and a feeling of energized youthfulness. You will earn a sense of accomplishment in taking care of yourself so you can take care of others. After all, the more we support and believe in each, other the better we all will feel about our shared future. No matter how many “calendar years” you’ve experienced.

Tomorrow morning and the morning after that. Take walk around your block, your neighborhood, down the road, around the pond, or through the woods. Just wander. Smile. Feel the life in you as you observe the life around you.


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