Healthy and Sustainable Furniture Brands for Your Conscious Home

If you’ve been searching for healthy and sustainable furniture options, then you probably know how challenging they are to come by. When you really peel back the covers on furniture brands and the materials they use, it’s easy to see how much greenwashing there is in the industry. And this can give you quite a headache when all you want is a healthy place to rest your head at night.

The good news is they do exist and they are pioneers in their approach to sustainability across their entire supply chain. Because it doesn’t matter if a company uses FSC-Certified® wood if it’s finished with a toxic stain or there are flame retardants on the fabric, which are major endocrine-disruptors. When you choose to invest your hard-earned money into furniture pieces, they should last a long, long time and be safe for years to come.

Our homes are our sanctuary; a place where we should feel safe and cozy–especially during these times. Read on to discover six furniture and home goods purveyors that truly are putting people and planet first.

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Credit: Forest Homes

Forest Homes

Forest Homes is focused on inviting nature into your home, work, or leisure space, and making it healthy for you and the planet. Leaning into biophilic design, they encourage appreciation of nature, promote resource consciousness, seek to create positive environments, and support sustainable living. They work with artisans and creative studios that produce fair-trade, sustainably made products free from toxic materials.

Highlight: Forest Homes includes a “Connection to Nature” section on each product listing, explaining the benefits of the product to your health.

Best For: Lighting, naturescape wallpapers, natural home gym equipment, preserved plants and wall decor, and accessories

Price Range: $-$$$

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Credit: Jardan


Jardan takes sustainable style to a whole new level. The Australian brand creates a wide range of home furnishings that are as gorgeous as they are well-made, healthy and sustainable. Since 2005, the company has been focused on minimizing its environmental footprint by continuing to create high-quality designs made with eco-certified materials made to last a lifetime, scrutinizing its waste management and energy consumption, and incorporating key environmental, social, and economic considerations throughout the entire product lifecycle. Jardan became certified by the NCOS as a carbon-neutral company in 2014 and they have incorporated zero-waste practices for more than a decade.

Highlight: Rarely do the words “stylish” and “healthy and sustainable furniture” appear in the same sentence, and, yet, Jardan exceeds all expectations in the design category.

Best For: Lifelong furniture pieces, lighting, and homewares

Price Range: $$$$

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Credit: Avocado Green Mattress


Avocado is fighting greenwashing in the industry by setting a new standard of what it means to be “eco-friendly.” Not only do they use 100% certified organic materials, but they also farm their own materials, offset their carbon emissions throughout their entire supply chain, are members of 1% For the Planet, and are a Certified B Corp. They also hand make their products in California.

Avocado creates non-toxic and organic mattresses and pillows, as well as bed frames, cribs, and other bedding accessories. They are made from GOLS certified organic latex, GOTS certified wool, GOTS certified organic cotton. And because wool is naturally fire-resistant, they are free from toxic fire retardants, as well as polyurethane foams and polyester. At end-of-life, the mattresses are largely recyclable and biodegradable.

Highlight: Avocado offers a one-year sleep trial, 25-year warranty, and free shipping.

Best For: Organic mattresses and consciously-crafted bed frames

Price Range: $-$$$

Vermont Wood Studios

Vermont is home to many pioneers in sustainability, and Vermont Wood Studios is no exception. The hand-crafted furniture company has been around for 15 years, and has since planted over 65,000 trees to combat illegal deforestation and has supported over 26 non-profit organizations. Vermont Wood Studios believes that “where your furniture comes from, and how it’s made are just as important as style, functionality and beauty.” They protect disappearing wildlife habitats, support local craftspeople, and sustainably harvest the trees they use in their designs.

Highlight: Vermont Wood Studios is woman-founded and owned. The company was created in an effort to promote sustainable wood furniture as an alternative to furniture made from vulnerable rainforest woods. 

Best For: Wood furniture pieces to invest in and that you’ll have for a long time.

Price Range: $$-$$$


Medley recognizes the importance of home to consumers. It’s the “cozy nook of the big wide universe we all carve out through a series of careful decisions.” It’s our safe place, and the furniture in it needs to help make us feel that way by being free of harsh chemicals and comfy as all get out.

Medley creates furniture using eco materials, local manufacturing, and puts an emphasis on quality and comfort. They use Forest Stewardship Council domestically-sourced woods and bamboo, which are finished with a natural polish made with only three ingredients: beeswax, carnauba wax, and olive oil. Foam cushions are made with CertiPUR-certified foam or certified organic natural latex. And the fabrics are either GOTS-certified organic cotton, or Greenguard Gold Certified or OEKO Certified for almost all of the synthetic materials they offer.

The company was founded by two brothers, Travis and Ryan, who grew up in a self-proclaimed hippie household. Their roots clearly carried over into adulthood as they have been working since 2005 to bring sustainable practices to the industry, and change how people think about what goes into their homes.

Highlight: Your purchase comes with a 100-day trial and free returns.

Best For: Sofas, bedroom furniture, and accent chairs

Price Range: $$-$$$

Holy Lamb Organics

Holy Lamb Organics grew from humble beginnings in Washington. Founded in 2000, the company has focused on creating hand-made products from natural textiles including sustainably-sourced wool and organic cotton. Their earth-friendly approach is evident throughout the entire supply chain, including their zero-waste manufacturing processes and fair labor practices. Holy Lamb Organics is dedicated to helping you bring healthy and sustainable furniture home for a conscious lifestyle.

Highlight: Holy Lamb Organics’ heritage production methods help you appreciate the personal craftsmanship that went into the product.

Best For: Mattresses, pillows, and comforters

Price Range: $-$$$

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