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14 Free Workouts For Every Body – No Equipment Needed

The coronavirus has drastically changed our daily habits, including our exercise routines. We’ve become so accustomed to having access to gyms with a whole variety of fun toys to throw around. Now, many of us are under shelter-in-place orders and we have to adjust our workouts for being inside with no equipment.

To curate this list of the best free workouts you can do from anywhere, we watched and tried many, many videos. We looked for a variety of beginner- to intermediate-level routines that meet you where you are in your fitness journey. They also vary in length, so you can squeeze in a quick workout between meetings or have a leisurely hour-long session. Some are strictly cardio, and others supplement your weightlifting routine.

To clear your mind before getting sweaty, you can add meditation to your routine. With added focus during your workout, you’ll get the most out of your time. Sah D’Simone did an anxiety-relieving meditation, if you have any tension or thoughts you wish to get off your mind. Calm App is also a wonderful resource for meditations.

You can also take this time to explore fasting and the ketogenic diet. While we don’t have to physically go into work, you may find more time to prioritize your health in new ways.

We’d love to hear your feedback on these videos! Let us know if they’re helpful and if you’d like to see more lists like this in the comment section below the article. Enjoy!

Yoga for Stress

Yoga and Celeste

Time: 58:06
Level: Beginner

If you’re looking to de-stress immediately, this class is for you. Celeste Hurd has been practicing yoga since the late 60s and she offers a sense of deep wisdom in her practice. She’ll have you contemplating the essence of life within the first three minutes, and it’s quite refreshing.

Free 12 Week Workout Plan

Heather Robertson

Time: Varies from video-to-video
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Heather’s videos are upbeat and easy to follow. Many of the videos in this plan do not require equipment, but when they do you can always find items around the house to lift instead of dumbbells or free weights. To access the full library of videos for this series click here.

Mindful Movement for Positivity

One Wild Hurd

Time: 14:39
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Try a new style of movement by starting a 15-minute workout with a meditation to bring a sense of calm and focus. Then, pick up the pace with a combination of calisthenics and dance to engage muscles and increase your heart rate.

How to Adjust Training & Diet For Coronavirus + At Home Workouts (No Equipment Needed!)

Jeff Nippard

Time: 19:43
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Jeff Nippard is an excellent health and fitness resource for those who are interested in the science behind it all. In each video he produces, he backs up his claims with real research. He is an all-natural professional bodybuilder and powerlifter. He also holds a degree in biochemistry.

In this video, Jeff covers a variety of exercises that you can do at home. It’s not a follow-along video as much as it is instructional. He shows you how to do each movement correctly, mental cues to make them effective, and modifications.

Genuine Beginner Cardio Workout – Seated and Standing Options

Body Project

Time: 23:42
Level: No Experience to Beginner

If you haven’t exercised in a long time or if you want to focus on your foundation, this video is for you! It focuses on cardio exercises that can help you “start that process of consistency.” The trainer provides standing and seated options for each exercise. This video is a follow-along style so you can put it on and immediately start working out.

There is a comment on the video that was incredibly touching and stood out to us:

Abs Workout For Beginners No Equipment Needed

Dejan Stipke

Time: 16:04
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Dejan’s video is a little more fast-paced and has hip hop music in the background. It is a follow-along video, but he focuses on explaining each movement for one circuit. You can keep repeating it until you get to failure, which is when growth really happens. He also has a video featuring six tricep exercises you can do everywhere for beginners and intermediate. For those of you who are a bit more advanced, this will be helpful in keeping those muscles engaged while we’re working out from home.

Extreme Abs Workout – 7 Min – At Home

Cirque du Soleil

Time: 8:51
Level: Intermediate to advanced

Elizabeth from Cirque du Soleil’s TOTEM show leads a great nonstop abs workout. You can add this to the end of your workout or challenge yourself to do this every day during quarantine.

10 Min No Jumping Cardio Fat Burn (Apartment Friendly, Low Impact, No Equipment)

Maddie Lymburner

Time: 12:02
Level: Beginner

Maddie has a lot of great videos on her channel that aren’t too long or difficult. This video is great for those who live in apartments and may have thin floors. Combine this video with her four-minute abs workout routine to Doja Cat’s “Say So” for an extra fun workout that is less than 20 minutes total.

20 Minute Full Body Workout // No Equipment

Pamela Reif

Time: 20:20
Level: Beginner

Pamela has a full library of workouts that you can do from home. If you’re looking for a good cardio session to get your heart rate up, then these would be great for you. She usually features upbeat pop and tropical house-type music, so if that’s your jam let’s go!

30-Minute Bodyweight Workout


Time: 20:20
Level: Beginner

Pamela has a full library of workouts that you can do from home. If you’re looking for a good cardio session to get your heart rate up, then these would be great for you. She usually features upbeat pop and tropical house-type music, so if that’s your jam let’s go!

5 Primal Movements You NEED to Do

Strength Side

Time: 5:31
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Enjoy views of the ocean while you practice primal movements. You can do this outside and connect with your natural self. They describe it as a “primal movement flow for anyone looking to take their movement capabilities to the next level. Unlock mobility and strength in your body through basic natural movements.

Primal Movement Workouts are challenging and require athleticism, coordination, and organic strength. Movement training will develop your body’s strength and mobility the natural way. These are all movements from animal, natural, and primal patterns that you can use individually or to flow.”

Full Body Home Workout | No Equipment, Bodyweight Workout

Obi Vincent

Time: 5:31
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Obi focuses on movements that can supplement your bodybuilding and conditioning routines. He lays out the entire workout in the description, so don’t worry about writing the movements down as he’s explaining them. Listen to his mental cues while going through the movements, so you can get the most out of the workout.

45 Minute Bodyweight Workout


Time: 46:29
Level: Beginner to intermediate

This class is instructed by lululemon Legacy Ambassador, Leonel Franco. He teaches a calm, mindful training session for all fitness levels. You’ll do HIIT and LIIT bodyweight exercises and a five-minute stretch session.

Power Vinyasa Flow with Briohny Smyth

Alo Moves

Time: 35:02
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Start your morning off with an energizing power vinyasa flow yoga class taught by Briohny Smyth of Alo Moves. There is no music to the video, so if you want to have rhythmic music in the background queue that up before you begin.


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