Fight for your health.
Fight for the Planet.

Let's rise to the occasion

We are at a moment in human history that requires significant action. If we all take care of ourselves in harmony with nature, and develop conscious habits, we can build a sustainable future. 

Our fierce ambition at Human Nature Collective is to help our global community create a better world through human health and our shared connection to nature. We are a collective fighting for the children of tomorrow, the future of biodiversity, for equal opportunity, and for a regenerative bioeconomy that supports all life.

Let’s rise to the occasion. Let’s get back to our human nature. Our future depends on it.

The Three Dimensions of health


N. [Physiology]

No one knows your body like you do. We’re here to guide you through a process of discovering what makes you feel alive.


N. [Ecology]

The integrity of the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat is dependent on our collective support of biodiversity.


N. [Ethic]

The collective is the moral fabric of our world that binds all living organisms together. The ethic of Human Nature is what intricately connects us.

Will & Victoria

We spent the last decade discovering how humans’ connection to nature can heal us and our planet. Through trial and error, ups and downs, we learned how to get back to our human nature and experience true health–the way nature intended.

We created Human Nature Collective as a place to address two of the most critical challenges of our time: exponentially rising rates of chronic disease and the biodiversity crisis. We’re leveraging our experience with holistic health and technology to build a platform as a resource to all for a natural, simple approach to health.

We’re so happy you’re here.

Will and Victoria Hurd