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The First Step in Taking Control of Your Health

Our collective disconnection from human nature has caused systemic health challenges on our planet that we are still trying to accurately quantify. Three apparent symptoms are climate change, loss of biodiversity, and the explosion of chronic disease across the world. The latter is one that

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The Five Dimensions of Holistic Health

Our understanding of human health and wellness has evolved greatly in recent decades. We now recognize that the five dimensions of holistic health are inextricably interconnected. And when one element is out of balance it impacts the others. Wellness can be defined as a “lifestyle

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Virtual Forest Bathing


The Benefits of Regenerative Organic Agriculture

The global approach to agriculture is evolving to create a sustainable solution for feeding the planet and fighting climate change. Industrial farming, which is the predominant production method, accounts for 10 percent of global greenhouse emissions and is eroding the healthy topsoil we have left,

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Eco-Conscious Loungewear Brands for Everyone

Every penny counts when it comes to the clothes you spend your hard-earned money on. Not only is it important for your health (clothing is known to contain toxic chemicals), but the brands you buy from could be negatively impacting the environment. Knowing what your

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Correcting Course After COVID-19

As humans, we have a poor track record of listening to warnings of potential disasters. This cognitive dissonance exacerbates global suffering and forces us scrambling to act, creating short term band-aids that are not sustainable and eventually lead to more harm than good.  Jack Phillips

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Earth Day 2020: 7 Ways to Celebrate from Home

Earth Day 2020: 7 Ways to Celebrate from Home

Days Hours Minutes Seconds This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. It is also the first Digital Earth Day in history due to the global pandemic. While some may be disappointed that they cannot gather to celebrate as they would in the past,

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Sustainable Jewelry Brands Article Cover Photo

Sustainable Jewelry Brands for Women

It’s no secret that the creation of jewelry can have a negative impact on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. For centuries, mining has destroyed landscapes and communities all over the world. But today, there are companies that are

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