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The Art of Sleep

Sleep, oh glorious sleep. With it, we wake up feeling like we can change the world. Without it, we find ourselves struggling to get through the day while reaching for too much caffeine. It’s a vicious cycle that many—if not all—of us are familiar with.

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The Air You’re Breathing Is Killing You

As the planet warms and becomes more populated, the negative impact of our modern life is increasingly evident. While invisible to the naked eye, the toxic chemicals released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of our antiquated energy and waste systems are taking a toll

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Virtual Forest Bathing


Restoring Biodiversity: 6 Animal Species Making a Comeback

Supporting Earth’s biodiversity is imperative to humans’ quest to heal ourselves and the planet.  Biodiversity is a term used to describe the totality of all life on Earth. Thousands of unique habitats. Millions of different species. Billions of individuals. And trillions of characteristics they all

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5 of the Most Ancient Forests in the World

For most of human history, we lived on the edge of the forest. We were a part of the ecosystem, living in harmony with the life that thrived within these enchanted places. Now often referred to as old-growth forests, these isolated sites that once covered

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How to Make Your Money Greener

Capitalism worldwide is becoming more conscious of a healthy and sustainable future. Global leaders realize there will be no jobs on a dead planet. Consumers are now much more careful about how they use their hard-earned money and how those funds degrade or improve the

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A Simple Guide to Intentional Living

If 2020 has united us in a single way, it has reminded us to slow down and take stock of what truly matters in our lives. Life is full of choices; small, incremental choices and monumental, fate-altering ones. We can choose to live actively–to take

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